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Most inventors do not set out to invent something awesome, rather they set out to solve a problem.
Inventing isn't always making something brand new.
it is often making something better or finding ways to combine more than one thing into a new thing. It can even involve finding a better use for something that already exists. For eg. 
Play dough was originally invented as wall paper cleaner! 

CNC Printer


15 year old Arafath from mapusa invents CNC printer

He wants to become Mechatronical Engineer in future.

Name: Arafath Hafizulla Shaikh

Age: 15 years, Std 9th

School: New Goa High School, Mapusa


The Idea of developing a CNC Printer

Arafath had submitted his name for Science exhibition held yearly by the school. Students were taken for field trip workshop, it was about 3D Printing, Lego Mine Craft & Arduino.

There he came to know about Arduino and Micro Controllers, After learning it for 1 year he purchased a micro controller ATMEL 328P. He used to make basic programming project. While doing Arafhat came to know about CNC ( Computer Number Controls). 

Message from Arafhat To all

Please devote more time for studies and try to explore your creative ideas. Don't waste time watching cartoons and playing mobile games. make best use of internet to enhance your knowledge

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